Ponderosa Lodge

The Ponderosa Lodge is a beautiful two story building located in the north area of the camp just above the Reuben Anderson Amphitheatre.


The top floor of the Ponderosa Lodge is a carpeted meeting hall that seats approximately 75 people and is furnished with a foyer, kitchen area and fireplace. The bottom floor of the Ponderosa is a bathroom/shower complex complete with toilets, sinks and showers that can be divided into two sections or opened into one space.


Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall is our largest indoor meeting facility and is located in the center of camp directly across from the swimming pool. Heritage Hall seats approximately 250 people and has a scenic view of the surrounding mountain area.


The main room upstairs is fully carpeted, includes a fireplace, and is set up with a full multi-media system. Downstairs from the Heritage Hall meeting room is our camp store and recreation room.


Rueben Anderson Amphitheatre

The Reuben Anderson Amphitheatre is an outdoor multi-use meeting facility that seats approximately 250 people and has a fantastic view of the western forest mountain ridges. The amphitheatre uses fiberglass benches set in a large semi-circle and is equipped with a campfire and a full size stage area. A lighting system provides plenty of light for evening meetings and the amphitheatre includes a complete multi-media sound system with a 8 ft x 10 ft. movie screen.