Camper Email











Stay in touch this summer with Camper Email!  We are excited to tell you about our partnership with!  Bunk1’s secure, easy to use, summer website services let you stay in touch with your camper all summer!

STEP #1 -  Print the instructions on how to send an email to your camper by clicking here(There is a pre-approved Registration Code on the instructions you will need in order to send emails.)

STEP #2 -  Click the "email your camper" button below and follow the "Get Started" section on the printed instructions... 


CAMPER REPLY!!  If would like to have your child send back an email reply to the Bunknote you sent them CLICK HERE for the instruction flyer.

Thank you for using Bunk 1!  If you have any questions or problems feel free to call Bunk 1 at 1-800-216-9472 or go to