Downloadable Artwork


Please use the artwork below to help make it easier for you to design your promotional materials for your next camp or event at Angeles Crest.   Feel free to use these items as much as you like!!

(Just right click on the artwork, select "copy", and paste the artwork into your document!)

Artwork - Summer Camp

ACCC Summer Camp   .png file

Artwork - Black Box Logo

    .png file

Artwork - Logo Tagline

ACCC Logo Tagline    .jpg file

Artwork - Men's Retreat Hiker

ACCC Mens Retreat Hiker    .png file

Artwork - Project Nehemiah

ACCC Project Nehemiah Generic    .jpg file

Artwork - Winter Camp

ACCC Winter Camp    .png file

Artwork - Green Box Logo

ACCC Green Box Logo    .png file

Artwork - Script Logo

ACCC Script Logo    .jpg file

Artwork - Mother Daughter

ACCC Mother Daughter Generic.jpg    .jpg file

Artwork - Green Trees

ACCC Green Trees    .jpg file

Artwork - Blue Box Logo

ACCC Blue Box Logo    .png file

Artwork - Email Your Camper

Email Your Camper    .jpg file

Artwork - Father Son

ACCC Father Son Generic    .jpg file