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PURPOSE: To take a global look at the camping ministry and serve outside the United States. WorkCrew global emphasizes a team-building attitude. As believers we are apart of a larger community, and WorkCrew global means to expand our hearts & minds in showing how Christ is being proclaimed around the world. 


DESCRIPTION: Workcrew global students will have the opportunity of serving at Angeles Crest Christian Camp for the first half of their stay (Approx. 5 days), there, they will gain focused training in service, team-building, and in-depth study on Missions. Students will also experience serving in Dining Hall/Kitchen duties, housekeeping, and recreation (harnessing campers). After these 5 days students will pack-up and fly to Jamaica to spend 10 days at New Generation Camp in St. Ann Jamaica. There, we will be partnering up with their staff and experience service at their camp. A couple of days will be set aside for sight-seeing and exploring Jamaica. Altogether this will be a life-experience you will not want to miss.


COST: $1600; what that includes: Stay at Angeles Crest Christian Camp is free. Students will receive a shirt, group pic & DVD in memory of their experience. The cost only reflects the cost of Airfare and New Generation Camp's accommodation fees. Any spending money, while in Jamaica, will be the responsibility of the student. 


AVAILABILITY: Only 7 spots are available


DATES: July 15-30, 2015









FORMS (passport, visa, and medical release information)




For more information please contact Brian Shaw (Camp diretor) at 626-449-3339 or at

WorkCrew Elevation




WorkCrew2011_1The WorkCrew Elevation program at Angeles Crest has long served as the “next step” in the camping experience. Available only to High School students, it presents the opportunity to spend time learning about the camping ministry from the professional staff we have here at ACCC.

Designed as a way for kids to “give something back” to the Lord in appreciation of what He has given them, it utilizes each individuals’ gifts and desires to contribute to a team of volunteer support that will work alongside our staff to see lives change for Christ.

WorkCrew2011_5Angeles Crest is now looking for mature High School students willing to dedicate three weeks of their summer to God’s service here at camp. It will be an incredibly challenging and rewarding time as youth learn first hand what it means to have a servant's heart. They will be removed from the distractions of daily life and brought to a mountain where God’s glory will command their attention, forcing them to reevaluate their life and their priorities. This time can be an incredible life-changing experience.

WorkCrew2011_2The program has been designed to include intensive spiritual training, a time in which participants will learn what service to God means, and how to do so using their gifts and talents. They will be under the direct supervision of their WorkCrew Elevation leader, while they will have the opportunity to work in several areas of camping, getting a better picture of what it takes to run a camp effectively and efficiently. The program also includes team building exercises, hikes through the gorgeous San Gabriel Mountains, and local missions opportunities.

As you can see, it is our intention that WorkCrew Elevation serves as a safe place for kids to mature and grow in their relationship with Christ. This summer we will run two sessions of WorkCrew Elevation, giving participants the ability to work around their schedule to be able to spend a solid three weeks contributing to His ministry in a meaningful way.

WorkCrew Elevation DatesACCC WorkCrew Elevation Logo

The dates for the 2015 WorkCrew Elevation sessions are...

          July 11 to August 1, 2015


WorkCrew Elevation Costs

The cost for the WorkCrew experience is $275.00 per person and includes all meals, housing, and program costs.

WorkCrew Elevation Information Sheets

Here are some additional sheets that you can download and copy that will give you some extra information regarding our WorkCrew program.

          WorkCrew 2014 Promotional Flyer

WorkCrew Elevation Application Form

WorkCrew2011_4Be sure to fill out the entire WorkCrew application form completely and send to the following address...

Angeles Crest Christian Camp
c/o WorkCrew
HC1 Box 22
La Canada, CA  91011

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download these forms. If you do not have this program you can download it for free by clicking here .

          WorkCrew Elevation 2015 application

Questions Regarding WorkCrew Elevation?

If you have any questions regarding the WorkCrew program, please feel free to contact our Program Director, Brian Shaw at 626-449-3339 or by email at .  You may also contact our WorkCrew Elevation Coordinator, Mindy Kenyon at 626-449-4043 or by email at


Workcrew Jr.

PURPOSE: To learn about service and what it means to work in a fun and safe place for the Lord Jesus Christ.

DESCRIPTION: Full 10­day program that will have students serving in our Dining Hall as K.P. Help (Kitchen Prep) and cleaning up after each meal. Students will also have an introduction into housekeeping and helping our housekeeping staff. There will also be daily devotionals and memory verses to make certain that we know WHY we are serving and working. Plus, there will be night activities, games, and light hiking to be enjoyed.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: we are looking for willing 6th to 8th grade students who love the Lord and want to serve Him with their whole heart, body, and mind. (note: if you have completed 8th grade you are eligible to participate in WorkCrew Jr, OR WorkCrew Elevation).

COST: $175; what is included: 30 meals, room and board, Shirt, DVD, group picture, plus $10 spending money to enjoy at our store.

AVAILABILITY: We have 14 spots open (7 boys, 7 girls)

DATES: June 21­-30, 2015





Please contact Mindy Kenyon (626­ 449­ 4043) for more information.






Paint & Paint is a unique event that combines the character-building work of a service project with the fun of an outdoor group activity. You can bring your church group up to Angeles Crest and spend part of the day help to renovate the camp and then spend the other part of the day creating unity and friendships through a fun event.






WORKCREW JR.:WorkCrew Icon

For students who have just completed 6th grade-8th grade. Basic level 10-day program that gives an introduction into service in the camping ministry. Fun and games mixed with service. Click Workcrew jr. icon to see full description, application, cost, and dates of availability.



For students who are entering 9th grade-12th grade. Intermediate level program that is 3 weeks long. Program is dedicated to discipleship. Students will also participate in backpacking and hiking. For more information and details please click the Workcrew Elevation icon.



For students who are 15-18 yrs old. Go beyond just serving in local camping, but have a missional focus that will jump start a global experience. Click on the workcrew global icon to read full description and where WC Global will be headed this year.




Questions Regarding WorkCrew?

If you have any questions regarding the WorkCrew program, please feel free to contact our Camp Director, Brian Shaw at 626-449-3339 or by email at .  You may also contact our WorkCrew Coordinator, Mindy Kenyon at 626-449-4043 or by email at




Project Nehemiah is our volunteer work weekend for adults, youth and children. This work weekend is designed to repair and renovate our buildings, to landscape the camp grounds, and to prepare the camp for the upcoming summer season. It’s a chance to join together as the Angeles Crest family to keep our facilities in tip-top shape!!


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