Full Time Jobs

Thank you for your interest in working for Angeles Crest Christian Camp.  We are looking for individuals who are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, are hungry to work for the Lord, and are humble and love to be a team player.  

Currently there are no full time jobs available.                                 



Part Time Jobs

Thank you for your interest in working for Angeles Crest Christian Camp.  There are no part-time employment opportunities at this time.

Summer Jobs


Thank you for your interest in working on our summer staff team!  We're excited to have you apply and we're looking for some positive, hard-working young people who are committed to impacting children and youth for Jesus Christ.   Our summer season goes from May 26 to August 4, 2017.  To apply for summer staff please do the following...

Step 1 - Fill out the Summer Staff Application and email it to us.  

Step 2 - Have your Pastoral Refrence Form completed by a Pastor, Youth Pastor, or Christian Leader/Mentor and have it sent to us.

Step 3 - Have your Personal Reference Form completed by an employer, teacher, or adult mentor and have it send it to us.  

**All forms are fillable PDF forms that you can fill out online, save to the computer, then email to us.  Please have your application and reference forms sent to us prior to May 26th.  Once your application is received and reviewed, the interview process will begin.   

Summer Staff Application Form
Pastoral Reference Form
Personal Reference Form

You can download a copy of our application and forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit, save, and email back to Nicole Shaw, Interim Program Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or print out a copy, fill it out, and mail it to...

Nicole Shaw
HC1 Box 22
La Canada, CA 91011