Outdoor Education Science Camp at Angeles Crest

Science School and Outdoor Education

Outdoor education incorporates several key elements: Hands-on science, learning through community, and being engaged and inspired by instructors. The glue that holds these elements together is our staff culture. We believe that camp is for the camper. LIFE OUTDOORS’ courses are designed to engage individual students through community. Students will gain knowledge in a number of things!

These include and are not limited to

  • animal education
  • plant education
  • fire education
  • navigation education
  • astronomy education

…and so much more! Keyword being EDUCATION! Students will learn team building skills in a natural environment that is a safe place to ask questions, explore nature, and have fun!

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I have been continuously amazed by the effects camp has on youth. For many students, this is their first time away from home, bunking with their friends, and exploring nature for themselves. It doesn’t take much more than a well-placed observation from an instructor to ignite a student’s curiosity.

At LifeOutdoors, we believe in building a tribe with common values and vision. We strive to focus on identifying teachable moments and connecting with each student. It is our hope that students will transfer their experience back home.

An overarching philosophy of LifeOutdoors asks the question, “What tools and knowledge do students need to be successful?” This question removes ourselves from the equation and allows the students’ needs to be the determining factor in all aspects of our program, registration, and evaluations.

Thank you for getting to know us! We hope to learn more about your school and how we can be a part of your students’ education in the upcoming seasons.

Aaron Ryssemus
Founder & Director

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