Happy Campers

Celebrating 75 years of God’s stories at Angeles Crest.

Our students at Break Through Youth Ministries have experienced such life transformation by attending your camp! Several have either give their lives to Christ for the first time or rededicated their lives. And as one of their leaders, I’ve gotten to witness how those decisions made on the mountain didn’t end once we were back to normal life. Many of them have now signed up to help and volunteer with our different ministries at church. Others are more bold about sharing the gospel and inviting friends, and all of them worship with more freedom.

Thank you for creating a safe space for these students to grow and learn, be loved on a challenged. And also for us as a staff it is so refreshing to get to hang out and bond with other leaders and share our joys and struggles while up on the mountain.

We cannot wait to go back.

Hailey Tucker
Youth Leader, Grand Collective Church, Newhall

We’ve been going up to Angeles Crest youth camp for a few years now.

Our teens really love the whole experience.

The messages are on point given by great speakers. The worship is amazing!

The staff does a great job in making sure that all your needs are taken care of.

The kids really enjoy the different activities and of course the epic boat race! They have a blast!

The kids and the counselors always come back feeling refreshed in the Lord!

We’re looking forward to next year!”

Mike Galindo
Associate Pastor/Youth Pastor

Youth winter camp was powerful for our teens, and it was such a time of deeper connection for God and myself. Excellent marks across the board. Plus, the Worship team was so on point, humble and did fantastic. The speaker was deep, fun, and so relevant. Plus the Angeles Crest team was phenomenal helpful, caring, full of joy and enthusiasm.

Thanks for all you and the camp do !

Josh Williams
Youth Leader, San Antonio Heights Community Church

Camp was amazing! ACCC staff, speakers, worship, and all that went into this weekend was incredible! This was the best yet. Our kids were so impacted and this weekend continued a conversation that’s been going on with them for this last year. I saw so much vulnerability, curiosity and I just know that this was a touchstone moment for many of them. I was blown away!!

Jenn Sykes
Children’s Ministry Director, Landmark Christian Church

Please know that I think this weekend was the best we’ve had so far.  I LOVED all the additional decorative touches that added to the theme.  It showed the heart, effort, and planning behind all you guys did. The new patio area in front of the chapel is a huge win.  In the summer I could see tons of people making that a hang out place.  I really loved that.  The Pines area for leaders was a big hit with our leaders.  It showed the extra level of love and care for them.  Finally, I absolutely love your heart for the Word and how that shows in the speaker and worship leader for the weekend.  Thanks for being so focused on the Scriptures for our kids.  As always, food was great and the staff did a terrific job.  All in all, thanks for everything!  It was a terrific time for us and we can’t wait to be back this summer. 

Ken Kistler
Children’s Pastor, Crossroads Church in Valencia

All of the students we took up came back down from the mountains having made a decision to renew their commitment to Christ, deepen their relationship with Him, make a public declaration of that through baptism, or follow Him for the first time (one person). That means God met with them through the week, AND they learned that following Christ, learning more about Him and His word, and spending time with other believers can be oh-so-fun!

I loved that prayer was such an integral part of the week, not only in chapel times but also in leader meetings. I loved that the Holy Spirit was invited to lead, and leaders were flexible to follow His lead, even if it meant plans changed last-minute. The team competition was fun, and it taught some important life lessons about working together, having a good attitude when losing, and committing to the greater good and unity of the Body of believers, not just our own team. Thank you for a wonderful week away at Angeles Crest Christian Camp!”

Ruth Happ
Youth Leader, San Antonio Heights Community Church

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