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Ponderosa Lodge

The Ponderosa Lodge is a beautiful two story building located in the north area of the camp just above the Reuben Anderson Amphitheatre.


The top floor of the Ponderosa Lodge is a carpeted meeting hall that seats approximately 75 people and is furnished with a foyer, kitchen area and fireplace. The bottom floor of the Ponderosa is a bathroom/shower complex complete with toilets, sinks and showers that can be divided into two sections or opened into one space.


Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall is our largest indoor meeting facility and is located in the center of camp directly across from the swimming pool. Heritage Hall seats approximately 250 people and has a scenic view of the surrounding mountain area.


The main room upstairs is fully carpeted, includes a fireplace, and is set up with a full multi-media system. Downstairs from the Heritage Hall meeting room is our camp store and recreation room.


Rueben Anderson Amphitheatre

The Reuben Anderson Amphitheatre is an outdoor multi-use meeting facility that seats approximately 250 people and has a fantastic view of the western forest mountain ridges. The amphitheatre uses fiberglass benches set in a large semi-circle and is equipped with a campfire and a full size stage area. A lighting system provides plenty of light for evening meetings and the amphitheatre includes a complete multi-media sound system with a 8 ft x 10 ft. movie screen.

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  • There are two cabin areas at Angeles Crest that are comfortable for both winter and summer use.
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  • Angeles Crest's dining hall offers a comfortable environment and our staff provides delicious food planned especially for your event.
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  • Angeles Crest is graced with two larger, separate indoor meeting facilities, an outdoor amphitheater, as well as various areas for smaller group breakout sessions.
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  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

    Refreshing and ready for fun, our large swimming pool boasts 2 tube slides and plenty of room in the shallow end for games, relays, swimming, or just floating on a raft. There are always a variety of pool toys available to generate fun and lots of deck space for those who want to soak up the sun.
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  • Digglers


    Diggle-on-Down our forest roads and trails on one of our super-fun digglers -- it's a cross between boarding and biking and it's sure to put a smile on your face! Digglers were designed to surf down the same technical trails once only ruled by mountain bikes and we've got a whole pack of them for fun group diggler runs!
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  • Zip Line

    Zip Line

    Zip-a-dee-doo-da! Harness up and take a fast-paced glide through the trees and across a small valley on our zip line, recently revised and renewed for your extreme zipping pleasure!
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  • The Lake

    The Lake

    Lakefront property at Angeles Crest? You bet! We've got a dozen canoes and during the warmer months, we get out on the lake for some canoeing and paddleboat fun! Looking forward to floating on the wet stuff following our exceptional snowfall this last winter!
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  • Rec Room & Snack Bar

    Rec Room & Snack Bar

    Downstairs from the Heritage Hall main indoor assembly area is our game room, snack bar, and camp store where board and table games, foosball, ping pong, and other games abound! Grab a snack, a gift item, a fun challenge, or simply sit and relax in our cozy corner.
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  • Paintball Course

    Paintball Course

    Our "Mile High Paintball Course" offers hours of fun and adventure at a great price. With plenty of buildings, barricades, and trees, our paintball course makes for challenging team competition within your own group -- or, challenge a neighboring group, church, or business for some "friendly fire." In addition to being one of the recreation activities your group can enjoy during a stay at the camp, the course is also available for separate "day-use" rental.
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  • Basketball Court

    Basketball Court

    Grab a ball and some friends for a pick-up game of basketball, or just shoot a few hoops in your free-time on our court nestled amongst the pines!
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  • Sand Volleyball

    Sand Volleyball

    Who says you need a beach to play sand volleyball? Come on up to our mountain and enjoy getting some sand between your toes as you bump and spike your team on to a glorious volleyball victory!
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  • Archery


    Bows and Arrows -- Admit it, they're fun to shoot! It's been said that archery is a world of adventure, power, and intrigue. People are naturally fascinated with bows and arrows and we've seen an excitement when campers find out they are able to "give it a shot" and try their hand at our archery range!
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  • Climbing Wall

    Climbing Wall

    Test your skill, strength, and endurance on our outdoor climbing wall as you make your steady journey onward and upward. Upon successfully reaching the summit, you ring the bell to celebrate your climbing prowess! The entire adventure is exhilerating yet safe as you are harnessed and "belayed" by our trained staff.
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  • Craft Shack

    Craft Shack

    Opportunities abound for being a little crafty around camp -- from creating shiny things to wooden race cars, our craft areas have seen a wide-gamut of projects over the years. What would your group like to make? Plan your own project or work with our staff ahead of time to come up with some great craft ideas!
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  • Isaiah's Perch

    Isaiah's Perch

    Have you ever wanted to climb a tall telephone pole, balance yourself on top of that pole with nothing to hold onto, and then leap off into space in hopes of successfully catching yourself on a small trapeze bar? Me neither. But, if you want to put yourself to the test, we can help you do it -- safely and with plenty of encouragement offered! Isaiah's Perch may just be the challenge you've been looking for.
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  • The Trampoline Thing

    The Trampoline Thing

    Boing... Boing... Boing... The Trampoline Thing gives both kids and adults the ability to jump themselves silly with plenty of opportunities for high-flying somersaults in between bounces!

    (You might not want to eat immediately before attempting your first triple gainer...)
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  • Zacchaeus' Tree House

    Zacchaeus' Tree House

    It's a treehouse... It's a viewing platform... And you don't have to be a tax collector to climb it! When you're ready to "come down from there", you can act swiftly by grabbing one of the treehouse's mini-zip lines and swooping back down to earth!
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  • Hiking Trails

    Hiking Trails

    Our camp is located next to some great hiking trails -- from short "within camp" hikes (like the paths to the zip line or the lake) to National Forest maintained trails (including the famous Pacific Crest Trail), there are a number of opprtunites for short group day hikes easily accessible from camp.
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