Angeles Crest Christian Camp & Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Angeles Crest Christian Camp is committed to the health and safety of all our guests and staff. Please know that our team is taking this seriously and we are monitoring this situation closely. We are making every effort in practicing proper sanitation, hand washing, and social distancing to ensure proper health and safety.

Medical Screening & Response

Currently, our standard screening protocols are in place to ensure the health and safety of our community. We’ll also be continually conferring with our county and state health departments, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as we evaluate the effectiveness of our protocols and the health of our community in real time.


Guidelines for Groups

  • We will reduce the number of campers during each week.
  • We will increase our use of outside meeting and dining areas
  • Guests will be divided into small groups and will enjoy free time and recreation activities in these small groups
  • Handwashing/Sanitizing Stations will be set up around camp and required use before entering a building. We will have proper handwashing procedures posted.
  • All guests are asked to bring a personal face covering with them to camp although we will not be requiring them as they are usually outside with ample space to distance.

Prior to Arrival

  • Campers arriving with churches or groups on buses or in vans will be screened prior to departure for camp
  • Individual campers will receive a set of self-screening questions prior to camp, so that they can evaluate whether or not they are safe to attend camp that week
  • Any symptoms that could be indicative of Covid-19, whether of a camper or family member, must have been resolved for at least 7 days for the camper to be admitted that week

Upon Arrival

  • Screening questions to identify risk of Covid-19 will be asked of campers and their accompanying adult at the doors, prior to registration; responses that require further assessment will be referred to the nurse before entering the community
  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival; fever, symptoms or risk of exposure of a family member might disqualify a camper from attending that week
  • Campers who clear the pre-screening will then be admitted to complete the registration and regular health intake process, including collection of medications
  • No family members will be permitted in camp buildings or to tour grounds; all processes will be designed to limit risk

While at Camp

  • Continued enforcement of long-standing policy that any camper with a fever, or any other symptoms of communicable disease, will be isolated for care and rest until they can be picked up by a family member
  • Staff who reside with campers will be educated to identify and bring to the health center any camper who might exhibit symptoms with a more conservative threshold than usual

Screening of Staff

  • Staff will be screened before and after each camp session, using the same admission requirements as for campers

Campers who are Sick

  • Campers exhibiting any signs of communicable disease will be lovingly cared for and supervised in an isolated area while waiting for a family member to pick them up
  • Parents or guardians will be notified immediately of any symptoms exhibited by a camper
  • Angeles Crest does not pursue medical diagnosis, testing or treatment when a camper exhibits symptoms; that is the right and responsibility of the parent or guardian
  • If any camper exhibits symptoms of communicable disease, families of their cabin mates would be notified upon departure that there was a possible exposure, so that they can be alert for any symptoms occurring after camp
  • Any camper positively diagnosed with Covid-19 within fourteen days of departure from Angeles Crest will be asked to notify the camp. We will notify any families or staff members who may have had exposure



  • As always the meals at Angeles Crest are prepared and served according to Servsafe guidelines and ACA protocols

Guest Areas Cleaned

  • All guest areas are cleaned, sanitized, and turned over in-between each stay, using disinfectant chemicals and procedures.
  • We perform a complete clean and sanitizing of the high-traffic areas, restrooms, and the camp office.
  • Camper and leadership cabins will be cleaned and sanitized including disinfecting and sanitizing each mattress before new campers arrive.

Daily Housekeeping Checks

  • During your stay at Angeles Crest, our staff will perform daily housekeeping checks for meeting rooms, cabins, and restrooms that are currently in use. These checks include sanitization of high touch areas like door knobs, light switches, faucets, hand rails, etc. In addition to sanitizing, trash will be taken out and paper supplies will be restocked.

Activity Areas & Equipment

  • Activity areas and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized after each session. We will detail and clean after each group/program session.

Thank you for considering your stay at Angeles Crest Christian Camp. We care about you and are committed to your health and safety at camp.